An Introduction to Deck Roofing


Deck Roofings Of The Rich And Famous

You’re probably familiar with the roof gardens which grace many a Manhattan high rise. Those gardens are sitting atop some very large deck roofing. Some of the world’s great restaurants are situated on deck roofing, and if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you will be familiar with the Budweiser Right Field Roof at wonderful old Fenway Park.

Fans lucky enough to have the twenty grand to spend on them get seats on the Right Field Roof get not only an all-encompassing view of what’s happening on the field; as much food and drink as they can manage, and a private tour of Fenway, during which they are taken to places off-limits to the rest of the paying customers

Traditional deck roofing, more familiar to most of us, are essential for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor decks when the sun isn’t cooperating. Millions of homeowners are denied the enjoyment of their decks when it snows, rains, or hails. They also have problems with fallen branches and leaves, which can make their decks look messy even in the best of weather.

The solution, of course, is deck roofing protected with layers and layers of shingles or metal sheets to hold off the rain and snow, and by choosing a flat deck roofing, you can easily climb aboard for inspection and maintenance. A solid deck roofing will last for decades, provided it is properly waterproofed. How can you do this?

Waterproofing Your Deck Roofing

The easiest way to waterproof deck roofing is to have it constructed with just the smallest of slopes, so that any water from rain or melting snow naturally flows toward its outer edge and into the gutters or downspouts. Completely flat deck roofing could begin to accumulate water, eventually developing leaks. Standing water of deck roofing is also a standing invitation to mosquitoes and other flying nuisances, which can really take the fun out of your deck time!

Regardless of whether your deck is a part of your home or a feature of your commercial business building, it will be enhanced with deck roofing. If you are an hotelier, you can add tremendously to your guests’ pleasure by building a roof deck so that even those with rooms on the lower stories can have a taste of penthouse living. You won’t be alone; there are thousands of restaurants and nightclubs which invite their patrons to enjoy a meal or drink above the crowds on deck roofing.

And if you have your own home, adding deck Roofing is a great way to increase both its sale value and its curb appeal, while simultaneously giving your and your family some new outdoor space!


Source by Philip Keon