Elk Shingles the One Smart Choice


Shingles are required to protect the roof from moisture and wind. They also help in the aesthetics of the house. Adding an extra dimension, shingles are always a consideration for new home owners. The key is to choose the shingle that are gong to protect your home the best and for that there is only one choice to be made: ELK shingles.

How to select a shingle? When you buy roofing products like shingles, you do not buy it for a day to be then tossed away. It is usually bought to last for few years and the more time it can last, it is that much better. So, buying from a reliable and trusted company like ELK shingles is important.

ELK company can then give you warranty and coverage for the product. Service is quality in today’s industry. So be careful and do not select cheaper products, if you do you will be sacrificing quality.

Elk corporation started in 1955, builds roofing products and composite decking. Trusted and respected, this company has provided home owners the right products for over 5 decades now. Their products inspire confidence and the roofing products are reliable. The company has established an enviable reputation for unmatched beauty and high quality.

Elk’s family of shingles adds beauty and depth to your home – plus Elk’s renowned quality, durability and protection.

An Elk shingles offer a wide range of striking, dimensional styles and colors to complement any home’s architecture. Plus, the strength of Elk stands behind each Elk roof, with top wind-resistance and Class “A” fire ratings, and some of the best warranties in the business.*

Best known for their shingles and roofing products, the ELK shingles according to the company are “legendary.” Adding beauty and quality protection, ELK offers a coverage of 7 years if you purchased the shingles with other roofing products.

Selecting a good roofing product is important and if your choice is good, then you are destined to have no problems and no leaking roofs. It will be wind resistant and give you warmth and a feeling of comfort on windy winter nights. The ELK shingles have a wide choice and offer you variety for your needs. Make a wise choice and you will never regret going to ELK.


Source by Ronald R. Fess