Find Roof Replacement Costs – Getting The Numbers Right


To find roof replacement cost accurately is as important as choosing right type of roofing material for your roof. Overshooting budget widely is not an option is these difficult financial times. People are struggling to meet ends and not having enough to put up a decent roof on their heads is indeed a major issue. If the costs of roofing are calculated reasonably correctly then the homeowner can plan and budget for it and save the amount needed.

Roofs that leak or need replacement have to be attended to as soon as possible. The problem with a leaky roof is that when water starts entering through cracks and crevices it can do a lot more damage than is visible to the eye. It can simply cause widespread havoc unseen and unknown to you. The costs of fixing damaged rafters, plywood decking and interiors of the home like the paint job, electrical and carpeting could be huge.

Finding the cost of roof replacement is not rocket science or advanced physics. It is as simple finding out the roof area and figuring how many shingles are needed to cover that area and ordering the roof shingles of your choice for the same. If you hire a roofing contractor to do the job, then you need pay for their labor. Adding up the material costs with the labor costs gives the roof replacement cost.

People are stumped when they look at their roofs and find gables, hips and slopes and don’t know what is the right way to estimate the roofing area. It is simple if you can see the plywood decking, just add up all the full sheets and half sheets and quarter sheets and you get the roofing area.

The pitch or slope of the roof is measured by number of feet it rises for every feet of length. If not, estimate the slope of the roof – is it low pitch, medium pitch or high pitch roof? On low and medium pitch roofs people can comfortably walk and work on the surface. On high pitch roofs it is not possible to stand without slipping and falling. There are sloping constants for each type of roof. Just multiplying the floor area of the home and multiplying it with the sloping constant will give you the roof area.

This is all you need know to find your roof replacement costs. There are many online calculators for determining roofing costs and you can use them to arrive at the budget needed for your roof.

It is not just homeowners who need to find the cost of roof replacement. Roofing contractors need to know so, they can give you accurate quotes. They could be out of business if they under quote or over quote. With a reasonable amount factored in as profit margin, contractors need to give reasonable estimates if they have any hope of winning a contract for a roofing job.

Roofing calculators help homeowners and roofing contractors to find roof replacement costs. These tools are handy and help the concerned people to arrive at numbers pretty fast and on the go. Decisions can also be taken quickly and efficiently.


Source by Joe F Suleman