Hail Damage Insurance Claim Help – Read This First If Your Roof Has Hail Damage


With hot summer days come big storms, sometimes with hail, and with hail storms come roof damage. Then, you will need to submit a hail damage insurance claim to your insurance company, and then find a way to deal with the deductible for the repairs.

You will also need to select a roofing company to repair or replace your roof.

Here are a few things to consider as you get ready to fill out your hail damage claim insurance forms.

Outright Payment of Your Deductible May Be a Bad Idea

Some roofing contractors may offer to pay your deductible for you in lieu of the contract to fix your roof on the payment of the insurance company. This practice might be a good sales pitch for the contractor, but for you it might be bad news because it may make you complicit in insurance fraud along with the contractor. The Principle of Indemnification followed by insurance policies means that a policy holder cannot profit from payment for the policy – and by having the contractor outright pay for the deductible, you might just be doing that. This action can invalidate the policy – so be careful with how you deal with your contractor.

Work With Your Roofing Contractor For Legitimate Ways to Help With Your Deductible

Hail damage insurance claim deductibles and referrals are one way to get your contractor to legitimately pay for some of your hail damage deductible by referring other clients to the contractor in lieu of that service. Many contractors have an incentive or bonus of up to $100 for any referral that becomes a job.

There are other above-board ways that an experienced and conscientious roofing company can help you with a high deductible. In most cases, all you need do is ask, and you will be presented with several options to deal with your deductible.

Getting an independent Hail Damage Appraisal

The insurance company will send what it calls an adjuster to assess the damage from hail. The adjuster will inspect your house and the roof and come to a total figure that should cover the cost of fixing the damage from hail. Here you should also get an independent appraisal from a roofing contractor. This should ensure against bias from the adjuster, and should give a better cover. The contractors usually do the appraisals for free – so along with their payment of deductibles in lieu of referrals, this is a pretty good service.

Managing your hail damage cover and its deductibles is an important aspect of living with hail storms. With the right information, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in fees and deductibles, as well as a quality roof replacement due to damage from hail.


Source by Theodore Grant