Home Improvement For Less – How to Separate the Scams From Great Deals


Affordable home improvement is something most homeowners dream about, especially when it comes to necessities like a new roof. But before you get too excited about that deal a contractor is offering, make sure you’re getting quality materials and installation. What you need is value-great quality at a great price-not cheap products and amateur workmanship.

So how can you tell if your home improvement contractor is offering a legitimately great deal? Start by asking for references and looking online for customer reviews. Satisfied past customers are a good indication that you’re dealing with a reputable company. Specifically look for comments regarding quality of installation, product defects, or other clues. A contractor who expertly installed a roof for a neighbor three months ago may not have the expertise for your window replacement; you’ll want to seek out references relevant to your particular project for the most accurate analysis.

Next, ask about materials. Is the home improvement contractor associated with name brand products? Are these the materials that will be used for your door replacement or siding project? Do a little research about the manufacturers and the specific products included in your estimate. If they’re no-name, low-end items, you have your answer: this home improvement job for less is no bargain! Unless you’re getting top-quality products, you’ll likely be compromising integrity for price-and you’ll have to replace that roof or siding again sooner rather than later!

Finally, check to see if your roofer or window and door contractor is certified by leading manufacturers or trade organizations. If the contractor has certifications from industry experts-especially prestigious ones such as   GAF  certification for roofing-you can be confident that you’re dealing with trained, skilled installers. These home improvement professionals will be able to provide a complete, correct installation, not substandard work.

You can also ask the contractor why their prices are so much less than the competition. The answer given should help you evaluate whether you’re getting a deal or whether the contractor is trying to pull a fast one.

Some leading home improvement professionals specialize in providing quality services and workmanship at affordable prices. If you’ve found one of these experts, go for it! You’ll get the same great products and installation at reduced prices, leaving you with more money in the bank for additional home repairs or upgrades. But if something about your contractor makes you think the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Research the company, products, and their certifications to ensure that you’re not compromising on quality!


Source by Matt Gallo