Installing Complete Roofing Systems – GAF-Elk Smart Choice Roof System Solution


GAF-Elk offers a complete roof system from one source. GAF-Elk Smart Choice Roof System Solution Components such as Leak Barriers to seal critical leak areas on the roof. To protect roof decks, GAF-Elk offer Deck Armor and Shingle-Mate Roof Deck Protection, Installation is made easier by using GAF-Elk Starter Strips and Rolls, Quality GAF-Elf shingles, the industry’s best, Cobra and Master Flow ventilation to reduce the heat that gathers in the attic and to help control moisture, and Hip and Ridge cap Shingles to expertly finish off a roof.

The advantages of using GAF-Elk Smart Choice Roof System Solution is having a problem free roof, performance through high winds, extreme heat, chilly cold, hard rains, and rough snows. GAF-Elk gives contractors one stop shopping, all the required materials needed to do a roof task are available from one manufacturer. The warranty problems, is any arises, is also one stop contact, to one manufacturer. GAF-Elk’s Smart Choice Roof System Solutions roofs are considered to be North America’s strongest steep slope roofing warranties. The system components get a matching warranty, with these warranties every major system component matches the warranty length of the particular shingles installed. And with all this the peace of mind, a complete system for all areas, professionally installed and the self-assurance to both the building owner and the contractor.

Metal Drip Edge starts a roof out right from the beginning. Experts agree that metal drip edge is the best system for keeping water away from roof edges. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association), ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), and most shingle manufacturers require the use of metal drip edge.

Install using non-corroding metal drip edge, aluminum or galvanized steel. At eaves, install metal first unless of course local codes require roof protection first. Nail every 8-10″. In high wind areas, nail every 4″. Install roof deck protection over drip edge at eaves. Install drip edge up the rake on rake edge, metal goes over the roof deck protection. Nail drip edge on rakes on every 8-10″.

Severe Weather Options: When it comes to severe ice-dam areas, installing Leak Barriers below drip edge and down the fascia at the eave is acceptable. Make sure the waterproof roof deck protection is not exposed to the sun. For Maximum wind resistance, seal the rake edge shingles to underlayment and drip edge with a 4″ wide strip of plastic roof cement unless local code requires a 6″.


Source by Joseph Vann Hamby Sr.