Is Roof Replacement Worth the Cost?


Homeowners and other building owners are always looking for a way to protect their investment. Homeowners often participate in a homeowners association (HOA) to improve property value by enhancing the property’s location. Owners of commercial buildings might add fountains, decorative signs, or state-of-the-art safety equipment. Yet many building owners neglect a critical aspect that can affect property value.

The roof of a building is important because it helps to protect the building’s contents from the elements. Rain, snow, hail, dust storms, fallen branches, and animals are all kept out of the building thanks to the roofing structure. Additionally, heating and air conditioning units do not have to work as hard because roofs keep warm air in the building during the winter and cool air in the building during the summer. To make sure that a roof is still doing its job, one should hire roofing companies to inspect the structure. These organizations will evaluate everything from structural integrity to the quality of individual components like shingles to determine whether or not a roof replacement is necessary.

While building owners might initially fear the  cost  associated with a  roof  replacement, the truth is that a roof replacement is a sound investment for any building owner. A leaky roof or one that has cracks might cause warm or cool air to escape, which forces the heating and air conditioning units to work harder and increases energy bills in the process. Regular inspections can spot and repair leaks and cracks, but when roofing companies are not hired to provide inspections, these issues will go undetected until they cause the overall structure to deteriorate. At this point, the roof will allow harmful fungus to grow within the building, or water to weaken the building’s structure so significantly that the roof collapses. A roof replacement will help to prevent these disasters by eliminating cracks and leaks.

One other aspect which building owners often overlook when they consider the value of a roof replacement is the property’s value. A new roof is likely to still be under warranty, and will require very little short-term maintenance. A building owner who replaces a roofing structure before putting a home or commercial building for sale will improve his or her chances of making a sale. Also, compared to enhancements like carpet replacements or paint jobs, building owners will recoup a larger percentage of what they invested in the roof replacement once the building is sold.

Once a roof replacement is acquired, building owners must take proper care of the new structure while the building is on the market. Regular maintenance and inspections provided by roofing companies will diagnose problems in the early stages. Building owners should only hire an organization with substantial experience that can provide references. If one does not complete research to evaluate roofing companies, he or she could wind up hiring an organization that: uses power washing, does not treat the surface for protection from UV rays, is unable to spot moss, or demonstrates incompetence in other ways. A roof is an investment, so building owners should go with a trusted company makes that investment last as long as possible.


Source by James T. Rothery