Metal Roofing Systems: Six Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof


If your building needs a new roof, there are several reasons to choose a metal one. Roofing is often considered an arbitrary design element, but it can impact a company’s finances-and the quality of its building-in more ways than one. Before you decide on a new rooftop, consider the reasons why metallic roof systems could be the best choice.

Low Implementation Cost

Costing more than asphalt and fiberglass systems, metal roofing systems are not the cheapest roofing. But they cost less than high-end shingles found on many commercial buildings. Unless your building requires high-end shingles to maintain historical integrity, metallic roofing is the sensible choice, especially considering the benefits below.

Superior Durability

With the right coating, metallic rooftops age especially well. Unlike asphalt and shingle roofs, they don’t deteriorate. Unlike fiberglass or stone tiles, they don’t chip and crack. Even if your building’s insurance policy covers roof damage, implementing metallic roofing is still beneficial: it can prevent major damage and, therefore, a raise in insurance premiums.

Hail, Wind and Fire Resistant

Steel paneling is more hail resistant than asphalt or fiberglass shingles. It can endure winds of up to 120 miles per hour without separating from a rooftop. It is also fire resistant, receiving an “A” rating on the combustion scale for rooftops. When coated in steel paneling, a roof can survive scenarios that would destroy other types of rooftops.

Can be installed over an Old Rooftop

Metallic rooftops can be installed over asphalt or fiberglass shingles-a valuable way to reduce labor cost. If your building has shingles that are more than two layers thick, they may require removal prior to applying metal paneling. On most buildings, shingle placement doesn’t exceed two layers.

Can Reduce Unwanted Heating

Contrary to popular perception, metallic rooftops do not automatically draw in heat. In fact, their potential for reflecting heat makes them less heat absorbent than traditional asphalt, tile, shingle and fiberglass systems. They can also preserve heat in the winter by reflecting it inward from the underside of the roof. Moreover, a metal rooftop usually increases-not decreases-energy efficiency.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofing systems are perceived as utilitarian, which is true. But they can also bring an attractive aesthetic when applied to the right rooftop in the right color. Metallic rooftops look especially good on modern buildings that feature traditional design elements, such as Victorian gables or Saltbox design.

Is a Metal Rooftop Right for Your Building? As you shop for new roofing, keep in mind that the best roofing for your building should meet at least the following requirements:

  • Affordable installation and long-term maintenance
  • Acceptable lifespan (preferably at least 15 years)
  • Resistant to fire and adverse weather
  • Energy efficient for your type of building
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Choosing a new rooftop is a decision that should be approached with information and insight. For help choosing a new rooftop, or maintaining your building’s current roofing, consulting with a company that specializes in commercial roof repair and replacement is the best choice.


Source by William Mac