Myth Vs Truth – Roofing


Just as your heart or brain is the center of concern for your body, a roof should be a main concern for the life and “health” of your home. Without the proper roof treatment, a number of things can happen – collapsing roof, leaks, shingle damage, etc. In short, a routine roofing inspection is a great idea to ensure that your home is completely safe for yourself, as well as your family!

Here in South Carolina, and other states included, the weather is noted for its rapid storm activity. With storms come threatening winds and hail than are known as being most responsible for damaging your roof. When wind or hail damage goes for long time periods without being detected, it can cause extensive damage to the interior beams and structures of your home. This can increase the chances for mold, as well as other hidden damage in your home. Most homeowners aren’t aware that if their home has been damaged due to a storm, that their homeowner policy states that they must replace the entire roof. Even after a big storm, most people are not even able to notice that their roof has suffered any damage. Signs of this however can include shingles on the ground around your home, or missing from the roof of your home. After a large storm, the safest option for any homeowner would be to contact their local roofing company and schedule an inspection to ensure that their roof has not been damaged or affected.

There are many myths involved in replacing or even repairing a roof as far as when its time, insurance/warranty information, etc.

— A lot of homeowners believe that if their roof “looks” safe, as far as not missing shingles, then no inspection is needed. This is absolutely not the case! Missing shingles are usually related to wind damage can can happen during a storm if the winds are high enough, however hail damage is insidious in nature and may not physically cause damage until years after a storm as occurred.

— Another common myth is that if a roof is new, it is covered by a type of insurance such as the manufacturer’s warranty, home builder, or contractor. Most manufacturers specifically list hail as an exclusion to their warranty, as well as home builder or contractors. Because a new roof to be cured from the elements, they can actually be more susceptible to hail or wind damage.

A roofer may even inspect your home and claim there is no damage, but in reality, roofing systems must be physically inspected by someone who has years of training and experience to determine if there is any actual damage or harm. The number one factor in choosing a roofing company to perform an inspection on your home is TRUST. Without this, you could be cheated, lied, or overcharged for something unnecessary. Be sure to look around before choosing the best company to suit your roofing needs.


Source by Elyssa R Parnell