Repair A Slate Roof


When installed correctly, slate is often considered to be the most durable and permanent roofing material available. In addition, it’s natural beauty is timeless. Slate roof structures have many positive qualities, including durability, low maintenance and resistance to fire and staining have made this natural material desirable to many. If maintained properly, the majority of slate roofs can be repaired as they have the capability to last a lifetime. Slate is a natural stone and it does have the potential to break or crack. If this should happen, repairs will be needed in order to prevent a leak or other structural problem.

It’s recommended that a slate roof be inspected annually with the best time being the spring months. Weather, especially during winter, can cause damage and it’s a good idea to correct any problems as early as possible. Warm weather is ideal to repair a slate roof and, by choosing spring, you can be certain that those bothersome winter month’s are a thing of the past. Upon inspection, if you notice that some of the slate is broken, repair it immediately. The fact that snow and ice carries the potential to break slate is a good reason to inspect your roof as soon as possible. If you notice extensive damage, it may be a sign of improper installation rather than a simple case of weather damage. In that case, you may need to call a professional. It is advisable that you hire a contractor if you need to completely repair a slate roof or if the job requires many slates be replaced.

You may choose to repair a slate roof yourself, if the job isn’t too overwhelming. But, before you begin to repair a slate roof, make sure that you have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job. If you have slate left from the original installation, use it. If that isn’t possible, contact the nearest home improvement store and inquire about availability. It’s a good idea to purchase extra material because, when ordering slate, it can take a few days or weeks for delivery. If your home improvement store is unable to help you with the order, let them know that you are attempting to repair a slate roof and ask if they can guide you in the right direction. A roofing contractor should also have access to these materials. It helps if you have a piece of slate from your roof to match it with the new order. An essential part of your repair will be a supply of slate hooks. These are fast, simple and economic to use when you repair a slate roof.

Now that you’re ready to repair a slate roof, remember that slate roofs can have a very slippery surface. Before you begin, locate the area that needs repair. Pull the slate, just above the damaged one, up just enough so that you can easily remove the damaged slate. Take the new slate and drill nail holes as needed just before you secure the new slate in place. You can use either nails or slate hooks but, when you repair a slate roof, it’s a good idea to use slate hooks, if available. Repeat these steps for each slate that needs to be replaced.

After you repair a slate roof, don’t forget to remove any debris left in your gutters. This includes work tools, slate or anything left over from the winter months. Gutters that have been damaged could cause further water damage, so be mindful of water turning to ice and causing the gutters to detach from the structure of your roof.


Source by Steven Briesemeister