Repair Roofs Now to Prepare For a Rainy Season


Autumn and winter are around the corner here in Southern California which means rain. General Contractor James Reinhardt is no stranger to the devastating effects that wind, storms and heavy rain can have on your investment.

“Preparing your roof for storms and winter weather is extremely important in having your roof survive a heavy rain and even more crucial in having your home survive”, says James on his website. His company Reinhardt General Contracting provides roofing, construction and repair services.

When it comes to   roof  repairs, Reinhardt advises, first of all, to seek a reputable certified  roofing   contractor . Ask all around to friends, family, or co-workers who will gladly let you know who’s done a good job with their roofs. Unfortunately, they’re plenty of  contractors  out there that may not have your best interest at heart or they are not experts in  roof  repair. Second, verify certification and licensing. Doing so is easy: Visit the State of California Better Business Bureau website at and verify your contractor’s license is valid.

A certified  roofing   contractor  will easily provide you with a routine  roof  inspection. Most will do this free or charge you a low fee; which can later be applied toward the roof repair if one is deemed necessary. When it comes to the inspection, by actually climbing up on the roof and looking closely, the inspector will uncover problems before they become worse or plain dangerous when the winter storms hit. Loose, missing or broken tiles or shingles are specific things that must be handled. Even apparently harmless cracks but visible to the trained eye of a certified roofing professional can degenerate into a dreadful situation, and much more costly, in very bad storms.

“Having a routine inspection done by a certified roofer is the best, easiest and most cost-effective form to prevent any catastrophic damage to your house this winter” Reinhardt advises.


Source by James Reinhardt