Roof Company Maintenance Maximizes the Structure’s Lifespan


When it comes to structural elements of a building, the building’s roof is by far the most important feature. Problems with a roof, like leaks or cracks, will adversely affect all other aspects of the building over time. Water that gathers thanks to a leak can cause thousands of dollars in damages, and even endanger building occupants by causing slip-and-fall accidents or allowing allergenic fungi to grow. Meanwhile, cracks in the roofing structure will weaken the structure and can provide an entry point for bugs or other pests.

Those who notice problems with their roof will be quick to bring in a specialist for a roofing repair, but since many building occupants never set foot on their roof, problems are rarely found in time to minimize damage. To protect the building and money investments that the building owner contributed to the building’s contents, he or she should schedule regular evaluations and maintenance from a roof company.

Many sources recommend one inspection per year, but it is actually best to schedule two yearly inspections: one in the fall and one in the spring. The reason for this is because of the different climates seen in each season. An assessment in the spring will address those issues that are most likely to occur in the winter, and a roofing repair will then address these issues before temperatures rise. Similarly, a roofing repair in the fall will address issues caused in the summer and prepare the building for low winter temperatures.

Cracks and leaks will make one of the roof’s main purposes of regulating temperatures (by keeping warm air inside the building during the winter and by keeping cool air inside the building during the summer) difficult. To counter cracks and leaks, the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) must work harder. That leads to larger energy bills for building owners.

Research has shown that a roof that is inspected semi-annually will last 50% longer than one that is only inspected when there is a leak. Hiring a roof company to perform checks semi-annually not only helps spot problems like leaks and cracks, but also locates other issues that lead to premature roof failure. Here are a few common problems:

  • Poor workmanship, which accounts for 47% of roof replacements
  • Poor overall design, which 16% of roof replacements are to blame
  • Faulty materials and weathering, which leads to 9% of replacements
  • Trapped moisture, and mechanical damage, which each account for 8% of replacements
  • Roof traffic, which 3% of replacements are to blame

These issues are not as easy to spot from inside the building, so hiring a reputable roof company improves the likelihood of locating and addressing these issues with a roofing repair in time to extend the roof’s lifespan. Individuals who want to not only protect their roof, but also what is situated underneath it, should hire a trusted roof company to perform semi-annual inspections.


Source by James T. Rothery