Roof Maintenance and Repair


It goes without saying that if you keep your roof maintained and sound, it will help save you money and provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. If you take a look up at your roof, and figure that it does indeed need repair or renovation, then be careful about picking the company that you want to do the work. One that uses modern technology and which has a great track and customer service record, and that can provide their clients with specifications and design drawings, could be the best choice. You’ll need roof plans drawn to scale and these should show all rooftop penetrations and drainage locations.

If you’re having your roof redesign and it requires something called tapered insulation, which is used to get rid of ponding and standing water issues, then the estimator should submit additional drawings. High quality product for the roof, installation, roofing material, fastening systems, and edge and termination materials, should be predetermined. A contract should be issued once the company has been awarded the project from the homeowner. Any variables should be stated, such as additional drainage requirements, roof deck replacement, and interior as well as exterior protection which is temporary, during the construction or renovation process.

A roofing company with a special division for repair and maintenance, may be best in order to serve your needs. Preventive maintenance with periodic visual inspections and regularly performed repairs, will increase the life of your roof tremendously. You should be able to get a complimentary Roof Condition Analysis, (R.C.A.), from any professional company. This would give the owner a report on the health of their roofing system. Professional quality companies will give a 15 point visual roof inspection, roof measurements, and photographs of any issues which could come up.

Of course, the roof’s main function is to keep water out of your house! A few professional companies have a special division for waterproofing, because this is so vital. They can often install vertical and horizontal waterproofing systems on your roof. Some kinds of waterproofing systems differ from roofing systems, because the membrane is buried beneath earth, pavement, and other types of materials which support vehicular traffic. These are often below grade foundation walls.

Whatever type of roofing maintenance or repair or renovation or even a new roof build, that you’re interested in, always thoroughly check out any company beforehand. You’ll know from the very beginning how professional the staff, management, and communications are. Take a long and good look at their website. How the website is organized and how easily it is to contact the people and find out information that you’re seeking, is often an indicator of what companies are like.


Source by Susan Hart