Roof System Components – System Thinking


A new roof is a totally complex, integrated system of components that protects your biggest investment, your home. A complete roofing system has many components that make up the roofing system. The roof deck, a premium roof deck protection, protective leak barrier, pre-cut starter shingles, quality roofing shingles, attic ventilation, ridge cap shingles, reliable low slope membrane, and accessory paint.

A roof deck is the structural part of the home itself. It is usually made of plywood and protects the home from the elements. One of the most vulnerable parts of any roof would be where any two surfaces come together or where any pipes or skylights come into the roof. This can also be in the valleys. All these places are where water can sneak in;   GAF  offers a roof leak barrier that actually molds itself to the roof. If you live in an area of high winds you should put the leak barriers at both the eaves and the rakes of the roof.

The roof deck protection is a component you cannot see. Roof deck leak protection is like insurance for your shingles. Regular roof tar paper can rip, wrinkle, and buckle under the shingles. Instead,  GAF  offers a great alternative to regular tar paper. Trapped moisture can cause decay and rot. Using  GAF’s  special advanced synthetic product will protect the roof for many years to come.

Starter strips are the most unappreciated roofing product. You have to lay a row of starter strips before you start laying the shingles so to keep the first row of regular shingles from blowing off in a strong wind. For maximum protection you will also need to install starter strips at the rakes. This can really make a difference in the life of your roof.

The roofing shingles are roofing material that consists of a base material, which is coated with asphalt and granulated minerals. This very important roofing system component provides the basis for which the home’s lasting life relies on. Available in a three-tab shingle which is the most basic and most affordable shingle, a Timberline architectural shingle which is more expensive but will beautify your home, and finally a high style, premium designer shingles.

Over 90% of homes do not have the proper attic ventilation needed. Condensation and moisture can cause many problems, decay and rot can work its way into your home if your attic is not properly ventilated. This is a very critical area. Moisture can work its way into your walls and cause very expensive structural damage, using ridge vents can be used and even be hidden under the shingles so you still get a clean, even look. Other options are to use roof louvers or turbines. If these products are not already painted the color you need to go with your color choice of shingles, you can use accessory paint to get the look you want.

When you have portions of your home that are flat, you still need to cover these areas with a low slope membrane to keep out rain and other weather elements. These areas could include a porch or a garage, the most easiest one’s have a self adhesive strip on the back to seal there self to your low slope portion of the roof.


Source by Joseph Vann Hamby Sr.