Roofing Contractor – Choosing the Right One


Thankfully, in most areas there is far from a lack of options when it comes to picking a company. The tough part here is weeding through them all. Eliminating the scam artists should be your first objective.

Many of the smaller companies typically associated with scams and poor workmanship aren’t found in the phone book, online, or in the local newspaper as they fear being tracked down when an issue comes to light. Therefore, your best bet to beginning a quality search is through the internet. Here’s the reasoning:

While some scam artists also advertise on the internet, the majority of businesses found online are trustworthy. These companies will have their own website, with reviews, photos, and possibly quotes. In addition, the internet is a wonderful way to check reviews and references by typing the name of the company into your favorite search engine. For safety reasons, it’s best to utilize at least 3 search engines for any given company.

Once you’ve found a potential candidate, have them come out for an inspection. This aspect is perhaps the most vital part in discerning the credibility and quality of a contractor. The process will tell you how thorough, accurate, and conscious-minded the company is to the numerous aspects involved a roof system.

In general, there are 3 types of systems: Asphalt-type shingles, cedar shake, and metal. Whatever the case may be, your system consists of components aside from the top layer. Each component pays a unique and important part in the overall integrity of the system. A quality  contractor  will be well versed in each of the various parts making up your  roof .

Inquire as to whether the company has insurance and workers compensation. Check on the warranty being offered (if any), and go over the terms and conditions presented.

Once your research is complete it’s time to make a decision. Begin by analyzing each bid to view the differences between your candidates:

1. what was discovered?

2. What is the cost?

3. What will be replaced?

Don’t be afraid to call and ask additional questions or discuss any concerns you might have. Ask for a list of references and ask about the products that would potentially be used in the job.

Above all, do not allow price to act at the sole decision-maker. As the rule goes, you get what you pay for… it may prove worth your while to spend a little extra on something that will last longer than having to make it up in stress and repairs down the road.


Source by Alfred Ardis