Roofing Contractors – Find a Good One


Unless you are physically prepared to climb up on your roof and inspect it after a roofing contractor is done, you probably wont know what kind of quality workmanship they did until something happens, like it leaks- a lot. Or it simply doesn’t hold up to the elements or time, and your thirty year roof last more like three years and needs to be ripped off and replaced.

It would be nice to assume every roofing contractor is a professional who uses the best quality materials, doesn’t cut corners and has a crew of professionals up there with him doing the best job possible. It would be nice. But the tooth fairy is not real, Santa does not live at the North Pole and the Easter Bunny is someone’s mother. So a lot of things are nice, but let’s get real. If you want to ensure you are getting a good job, you will have to ensure you hire a good contractor. And most contractors are good. They make their living on their reputation, and only few of them can out run a bad reputation for long. But you don’t want to be the unlucky client of a contractor whose reputation hasn’t caught up with them yet.

Finding a good roofer can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. Some people scour the phone book, interview hundreds of roofers and snag business cards from any roofing contractor they see, all in the vain hope of finding someone who won’t make them climb that roof to check the job.

That is the hard way- don’t do it. Life is hard enough with death and taxes, why add the layers of difficulty to your roofing search? Use a consumer based web site such as Angie’s List and your life and your search just got easier. These web sites are written for consumers by consumers. They aren’t paid advertisements that gush how great a business is. If you read it here, it’s probably true. Read it enough and it is a reputation.

Find the best local roofers in your area who have been rated with a high grade average, read a few reviews by customers and you have found your starting point. It only takes three to five bids to get an idea on what you’re looking at for cost and then all you have to do is pick the roofer with the bid you like.

Now wasn’t that easier than climbing the roof to check the quality of the workmanship?


Source by Andrew Stratton