Roofing Leads, Outsourcing Campaigns in Hail Damage Areas


In the past year we’ve done a ton of business working with local contractors and roofers in areas that have hail damage.  This could be due to global warming or it might just be that these businesses are becoming more savvy and taking advantage of low cost high return outsourcing services to generate new business.

The beauty of these campaigns is that in most cases the homeowner will have all of the damage covered by their insurance, making the repairs free of out of pocket cost.

Having run several of these campaigns myself I can give you a good road map to follow if you are a roofer looking to get some new business following a hail storm.

  1. Use an outsourced company, not an independent provider.  This is crucial for a couple reasons.  You need to follow up quickly after a storm, or your competition will.  Being the second company to call into an area will yield much lower results.  Using a company you can quickly launch and scale up a campaign to get there first and give yourself the best possibility to succeed.
  2. Use updated homeowner data to call.  If you are buying the data to call make sure it is up to date as possible.  Calling up and asking for the wrong person will almost guarantee you don’t get an appointment set.
  3. Keep track of the results.  Use Google Docs to share the call list and all notes with your agent.  Keeping track can also be valuable to see which neighborhoods and streets were hardest hit in case you want to send a crew door-to-door.
  4. Follow a simple script.  Don’t over think what you want the agent to say to the prospects.  The most productive script I’ve used reads as follows:

Hi, this is NAME with COMPANY, we’re a local roofing company and we’re just calling homeowners in the area following the hail storm last week/month.  We’re going to be in the area giving your neighbor an estimate on some damage next Tuesday and I’d be happy to have our crew stop by and check if you have any damage to your home.  We don’t charge anything to take a look and in most cases if there is damage we can work directly with your insurance company so their is no cost to you.  Are you available on Tuesday for us to stop by and take a look?


Source by John M Tompkins