Roofing Maintenance – Problems and Solutions For Your Home


Quality home investments are functional and kept in the highest condition regardless of time and location. This is necessary to give you a hundredfold return in your real estate venture. One way of doing this is through properly maintaining our roofing system and making sure it is free from damage and defects.

Why is it importance to keep the condition of your roof in proper and utmost shape? Why do you need to make sure that the roofing system in your house is in order and properly functioning?

For instance, roofs are integral and structural parts of the house not just a covering for your house. It is inclusive of the different foundational structures of the property such as the walls, windows, masonry and so much more. Hence, if this system is defective or malfunctioning, rest assured that other components of the house will gravely be affected. That is why making sure the roof maintenance of your house is kept in regular basis will also make a great difference in your investment.

There are different kinds of issues regarding the roof that must be given utmost attention in order to create a high quality and hassle free abode to live in. one of the most common problems you may encounter is the rusting of the steel roofs, moss growth and lichen on roofs made of tiles. This is due to the buildup of dirt and deposits such as sulphur and salt on the roofs. Houses which are located near the coasts or seas and those in close proximity in geothermal places are prone to this problem.

In order to remedy this problem, it is important to wash the roof in a regular basis especially the parts of the roof which is not accessible for rainwater washing. This will help you wash or clean this salient part of your home as well as avoid the damages and defects.

Another possible damage is the lifted or dislodged flashing that basically protect the most vulnerable areas of the roofs. In order to avoid the leaking in your house during rainy season or excessive heat permeating in the home interiors, it is important that you replace the loose nails which cause the dislodging of the metal flashing. Provide timbers underneath in order to replace new nails and secure or fix it in place.

The metal flashing could not only be dislodged or lifted since there are also corroding issues on galvanized metal flashing. To ensure the weather-tightness in the roofing system, it is important to remove the corroded area of the roof and paint it with zinc-rich primer as well as metal primer and the coating finish. For roofs which are severely corroded, it is important to replace the metal flashing as soon as possible.

Homes with remarkable roofing system which are functional and have aesthetic values at the same time are the most productive, lucrative and surefire real estate investments. Not only will it give you a higher price range in the market for your home but it will also give you continuous support and comfort in your everyday living.


Source by Rose B