Steps to Install Metal Roofing


Today’s people choose metal roofing for homebuilding due to some factors. This kind of roof is lightweight and portable. Also, it is more durable than any other materials used for roofing. Moreover, it performs excellent resistance towards wind and fire. If you consider installing metal roofing for your house, we have the following steps for you.

The first thing you should do is to take some photographs of your house from some angles. Measure the dimensions of the roof to get a diagram. Bring the diagram to roofing warehouse. Choose standing seam metal roofing and give the diagram and photos to the shopkeeper as he is more experienced to know what your need. Besides, in this store you can purchase any safety equipment and tools for installing metal roofing. We suggest that you purchase breathable synthetic underlayment to be placed underneath the roof.

If you have prepared all the materials and tools, it is time for you to set roofing deck. Tear off the existing roof to give solid sheeting underneath the roofing panels. Besides, with this technique you can remove any rotten plywood. Now you may start installing the underlayment horizontally. Start with the eave and nail downwards the firs raw of the underlayment. After that, you continue the underlayment installation with 6-inch overlap.

Having finished underlayment installation, you may install a starter trim at the eaves, which is a metal flashing. Install the starter trim in which you can leave ΒΌ inch of the eave. Then fasten it with certain screws. You can fix it with 12-inch space on the center. Next, do the same action for gable flashing.

Now you may start to install the first panel. Make a cut of the panel for about an inch long. Then you can hook the panel into the starter flashing. Use some certain screws to fasten the panel at the top. Lock the panel by using the seam as a locking mechanism. The last step, cover the panels with gable flashing. Secure it with special tools made for such installation.

Those are some steps to install metal roofing. Since it is not easy, you may ask some people for help.


Source by Lucien H Lester