Storms Can Cause Serious Roof Damage


With the intensity of recent storms increasing, a lot of homeowners are wondering if these natural occurrences can damage their roof. The short answer is yes. In fact if a strong storm passes through your area I would highly recommend that you get it checked immediately.

Damage to your shingles will eventually compromise the effectiveness of your roof and if the problem is not caught and corrected soon, can lead to large-scale issues in the future. The type of shingles you have as well as the age can also factor into the severity of your roof hail damage.

Here are some steps you can take before calling a roofing company, to see if your roof may indeed have been damaged.

1. Check for damage inside your home. Water stains, or chipping paint are good signs that you may have damage that requires immediate attention. A new water stain is undeniable proof that new damage has occurred and your roof has been compromised. If left untreated, you run the risk of damage underneath your roof as well as the interior of your home.

2. Dents and blisters on your roof caused by hail is a sure warning sign that damage has occurred. While it may take longer for the damage to present itself in the form of water leakage, chances are good it will get to that point. Just because there is no damage obvious from inside the home, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.

3. Get a free professional inspection. Local roofing contractors will inspect your roof for free to see if they can find any evidence of storm damage. You can usually count on them to give a fair assessment of the roof because they are aware that your insurance company will send their own inspector if you file a claim. The roofing company will make itself available to meet with your insurance company so the two can agree on damage, cost and remedy for your roof repair. In most cases the roofer will be allowed to do the repair.

4. Get a written estimate on the cost of the job. The insurance company will issue the check directly to the roofing company to avoid any chance of the homeowner pocketing the money and never getting the repairs completed. Because of this you need to get the roofing company to agree to the type of repairs and the total cost involved. This will ensure that all the costs of the repair will be covered by the check and there will be no surprised that will be necessary for you to cover out-of-pocket.

There is no doubt storms can cause serious damage to one of your most important investments. The cost of a new roof can be substantial and the cost of not having a damaged one repaired can be even worse. It pays to be informed before beginning the roofing process to ensure that all your hail damage repairs are met.


Source by K. Marc Anderson