The Advantages of Installing Metal Roofing


Although it has yet to fully catch on across the nation, metal roofing in Wisconsin provides a structurally sound roof. Choosing a company in this state can be a wise decision if you are looking to control labor costs or roof a building that has a significant amount of curves or elevation variations. This is due to the fact that metal roofing panels come in large sheets, making it less labor intensive to install. And, given the flexibility of using contractors in Wisconsin for roofing, it can easily be bended or cut to fit around tight corners and roofing angles.

Wisconsin roofing is also a great choice for the roof of a commercial or residential building where there may be a greatly increased chance of fire. Because metal roofing is fire retardant it can withstand a higher temperature and protect a building from becoming enveloped in flames until the fire department can arrive to extinguish it.

Or, it situations where there is a fast moving brush fire, like those experienced in Southern California, quality metal roofing can ensure that there is a not a flammable foothold for a spark to gain a foothold. And, because it is relatively light, it can be installed on most pre-existing buildings without requiring new framing – not to mention the fact that it can come in a number of colors to provide a custom look to a home of any architectural style, especially those that are of a farmhouse or ranch design.

Last, but not least, metal roofing in Wisconsin is extremely durable, which means your roof, in addition to providing you with fire protection – potentially lowering insurance costs – lasts much longer than the traditional 20 years of a regular roof.


Source by John R Hilde