Timberline Roofing Product Line – A Review


It’s often an overlooked part of the house and its importance is only acknowledged when it starts leaking. That’s how many homeowners treat their roofing, not realizing that it is actually more costly in the long run if roofing does not receive the attention it deserves right from the get-go.

To make sure they don’t make a mistake when constructing their homes, many homeowners, on the other hand, opt to choose wisely and ensure that their roofing will withstand the weather and the test of time. One of the available choices is Timberline roofing.

Timberline roofing is one of the more popular roofing products in use today. It is a series of dimensional shingles made to be tough, durable and beautiful, meeting common consumer expectations that roofing should be protective and decorative at the same time.

Which Timberline?

These days, there are so many brands of Timberline from too many manufacturers that it’s almost difficult to tell which is the real Timberline series. The name Timberline has become a general term referring to shingles but it is actually a brand name of one of GAF Materials’ roofing products. Founded in 1886, GAF became one of the forerunners of quality roofing and has become the largest residential and commercial manufacturers of roofing in North America. Timberline is just one of their many brands.

Because of its popularity, Timberline has had its share of copycats and clones and has actually become a generic term used to refer to dimensional singles. However, the product name itself is trademarked to GAF. If you want to be sure about the manufacturer of your Timberline roofing, simply take a look at the back of a piece of shingle. Most manufacturers print their names on their products and that should give you a good reference in order to determine from which manufacturer your shingle came from.

What Makes Timberline Special?

Timberline has become a favorite among many consumers because of its strength and durability. It has the patented Micro Weave Core which makes the material tougher and the Dura Grip adhesive seal to ensure better hold. The weight of the material is also a factor in keeping it stable. Once it’s installed properly, Timberline roofing are specified to stand bad weather, even when winds are pummeling your home at 80-110 miles per hour.

Types of Timberline Roofing

Timberline is just one of the brands in the GAF Materials product list but there are several choices under this series, so you have several options for your roofing needs. They include:

Timberline 30. Made with tough fiberglass asphalt, these shingles are affordable and stylish. This series features the Shadow Accent and Dura Grip adhesive seal. Shadow Accent produces a gradation in the shingles’ color, so you can see the gradual shift from dark to light.

This creates a beautiful effect when seen from afar. Depending on your area, algae protection may even be offered. Thanks to Dura Grip, Timberline 30 comes with the 70 miles per hour wind warranty. The product’s limited warranty itself is 30 years.

Timberline Select 40. Also made from fiberglass asphalt, this series features the classic wood shake look. The shingles are also thicker and heavier and boast some of the best features in the Timberline series, including Dura Grip, Shadow Accent and a Micro Weave core. They are also rated Class A in fire and wind protection. Limited warranty is set at 40 years.

Grand Timberline Roof Shingles. The shingles in this series are about 50% larger than other products and also at least 30% thicker. If you prefer a stronger contrast in color blends, this is the roofing choice for you. This series has a Class A rating for fire and wind and also features the tough Micro Weave core.

Timberline Ultra. This is the premier set of shingles in this series and shingles are at least 25% thicker than other products. Because these are heavier, these are also the roofing of choice for areas where storms are common – Timberline Ultra has a limited warranty for winds up to 110 miles per hour. This series is also the most durable and longest lasting.

Where to Find Information

Probably the best source of Timberline roofing is GAF Materials, which has product and installation information on its website. However, you also have other choices, although not all of them carry the Timberline series from GAF itself.

When purchasing your Timberline roofing, make sure to ask for the warranty because this will serve as your protection. They may be tough and durable but like most roofing, Timberline will not last forever. A day will come that they will need to be replaced although that’s likely to take a really long time.


Source by Ernest Jarquio