5 Reasons Why Doing Your Own Roof Sucks!


If you are dealing with any roofing issues in your life, it can be one headache after another. Many people like to learn how to tackle projects themselves and save a little coin at the same time. But, roofing is a bad place to exercise your inner handyman, as it can end up costing your more in the long run. Make sure to find out what goes into doing serious roofing and try to assess whether this really a viable option for you. Here are a few reasons why roofing can be one of the most grueling home improvement projects you can undertake.

The first issue with roofing is an obvious one, it is hot up there. I don’t think any amount of description can prepare someone for how truly hot it is doing roof work. One piece of advice is that you should not be doing any roofing in shorts, which makes roofing nearly unbearable. If you are not a fan of face-melting temperatures, roofing may not be the best endeavor to embark upon without preparation.

Secondly, roofing requires a lot of specialized tools and this can end up setting you back a pretty penny. Granted, many tools can be rented from your local hardware retailer, but even then it is not a cheap undertaking. You are going to need a shingle remover, roofing nail gun, ladders, and a whole lot more. These tools are absolutely necessary and you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to acquire them.

Thirdly, you will need to convince some friends to help. Everyone hates asking friends for a favor that they know will not be desirable. Not only do you have to go through the awkward scenario of asking them, but now you owe them a favor. Even when dealing with a small roof, it can be nearly impossible to accomplish a repair alone. It is critical that you acquire some help when doing any roofing or you are going to end spending more time than imaginable with your roof torn apart.

Fourthly, roofing is a very specialized skill and you can damage your home if you do not thoroughly research each step. There are many intricate details when installing a roof and you cannot afford to make mistakes. Finishing a project that is nothing but grueling labor only to find out during the next rainstorm that your valley shingles have been installed wrong and developed leaks can be a very disheartening experience. If you plan to do your own roof repair, it is highly advisable to do copious amounts of research in preparation.

Lastly, roofing is pure backbreaking labor and you should be prepared to work long and hard if you want to fix your own roof. Every aspect of doing your own roofing work is tough work. Each element of the job, from carrying your supplies onto the roof to removing your old shingles is going to drain a lot of energy. The workload is something that most will consider, but still never realize how truly hard of a job roofing can be until each task has been started.

While roofing can be a rewarding experience because of the savings and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with tackling a tough home improvement project, there are many tough aspects that need to be considered before undertaking one of the harder projects around the house. No matter how prepared you may be there will always be speed bumps and unforeseen troubles that come up during a roofing job.


Source by Philip Hannigen