A Few Good Tips on Tile Roof Installation


Tile roofs have been becoming more and more popular in recent decades for quite a number of reasons and perhaps you may be considering having a tile roof installed on your home. To start with, there are several different types of tile roofs and many people are surprised to learn that many of them aren’t permanent.

In fact, the flat tile roofs that are the most popular only have a life span of just over fifty years, because they are manufactured from saw dust mixed with cement which will slowly break down over time. Spanish style ceramic tile roofs however; can easily last the life of your home but they are substantially more expensive to purchase.

Due to the actual weight of tile, the roof itself has to be framed to accommodate it, so if you have an existing asphalt composition roof on your building the framing probably isn’t strong enough to accommodate a tile roof. Also, if you are considering installing a time roof yourself, you can pretty much forget about it, because they are extremely heavy to load and install on your roof and require a considerable level of expertise to work with.

They do look great however and will add considerably to the value of your home after the work is done. Also, due to their life span you can pretty much rest assured that you will never have to deal with your roof for the duration of your life once your tile roof is installed.

Color choices and the fact they they are resistant to fading makes a tile roof an excellent choice for someone that desires an attractive roof that won’t change for decades. Also, they do insulate against and reflect out heat much better than other types of roofing systems that are available today.


Source by Chuck Sarte