An Important Message on Asbestos If Your Home Was Built Before 1990


Asbestos is a dangerous mineral fibre that can only be positively identified through a microscope specifically designed for asbestos identification. Asbestos can be found in the home in numerous locations and if your home dates prior to 1990 it is strongly recommended that you get an asbestos evaluation done.

Prolong exposure to asbestos can cause Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, and Asbestosis. It takes many years for the symptoms of asbestos effected diseases to show up in those who have been in excessive contact with asbestos. Almost everyone has had some level of contact with asbestos, and in small amounts and not on a regular daily basis will have no ill effects from the exposure. However, increased exposure increases ones risk to often-fatal diseases.

Here are a few examples of the many uses of Asbestos

Asbestos can be found in the insulation materials used for steam pipes, broilers, and furnace ducts, the backing used in resilient floor tiles, vinyl sheet flooring, and the adhesives to lay the floors. Cement sheeting, millboard, and paper insulating materials can also contain asbestos. Soundproofing and decorative materials used for giving swirled and other aesthetic effects on ceilings and walls can also contain asbestos along with patching and joint compounds and textured paints.

Cement tiled roofing, certain shingles, and siding as well contain dangerous levels of asbestos and should be replaced. Trained professionals should only do removal of asbestos from a home. There are proper disposal measures that must be met that only a professional is trained in dealing with. By improperly trying to remove asbestos from your home, it can result in health risks to you and your family.

Sleep easy and hire a Asbestos Removal Professional to inspect your home

By hiring a professional asbestos contractor, you can receive a home inspection to see if asbestos is a problem in your home and if so at what level. Some contractors are all exclusive, meaning they will not only do an inspection of your property but also take the corrective actions needed if it is repair or removal. If there is a specific area of concern a homeowner has, such as the roof, it is cost effective to hire a roofing contractor that also specializes in asbestos inspection and removal.


Source by Greg Hughey