Architectural Roofing – When Selecting Roofing Materials Remember the Design Element


In response to or anticipation of bad weather or for reasons of design or energy conservation, you may be thinking about getting a new  roof . Whatever the motivation, the comforting news is that there are an abundance of options regardless of budget, taste or any other criteria.

The environmentally conscious or “green” consumer can choose solar  roof  shingles and start saving energy dollars and rest at night knowing they are not negatively impacting the environment. Residential metal  roofing  can be nearly as energy efficient and is built to last – up to 50-year warranties in some places!

Very attractive design attributes are out there as well. Standing seam metal  roofing  now gives the consumer some beautiful features to go along with durability. (Installing metal  roofing  may require a contractor, so factor that into any potential costs.) For those trying to recreate some of the traditional shake  roof  characteristics, take a look at architectural  roofing  shingles as a possibility.

Maybe cheap and now is your goal. If so, you should probably start with asphalt  roofing  shingles. With the abundance of  roofing  installation tips to be found, you might be able to save further by making it a DIY project. Don’t forget to use synthetic  roofing  underlayment for long lasting protection.

Do your comparisons of all the materials. Figure the potential costs – both short term and long term. Asphalt, tile, solar and metal  roofing  prices and benefits are wide ranging. Decide what your objectives are first. But don’t hesitate too much before making a decision. The weather may be upon us before you know it.


Source by Joey Shepherd