Can I Have New Roofing Installed During The Winter?


Most homeowners won’t even consider having a new roof installed on their homes during the winter because there is so much misinformation circulating about whether it’s safe to do roofing work when the temperatures are low. Fortunately, skilled contractors can now safely and efficiently do this type of home improvement job even when it’s cold outside.

NRCA Guidelines For Winter Roofing Projects

The National Roofing Contractors Association is the acknowledged governing body for certified roof installation specialists in the U.S. According to their guidelines, there are, “no specific temperature guidelines regarding when it is too cold to install asphalt shingles.” Contrary to popular belief, the NRCA feels that unless there are a number of adverse conditions, installation can be scheduled any time of the year. Some asphalt shingles can become a bit more difficult to work with if it is extremely cold, but this is remedied by storing them in a warm area and only bringing a few bundles of shingles to the roof at a time. This way, they won’t have time to be affected before being installed. It’s common to hand-tab the shingles in the winter. Hand-tabbing is essentially adding additional adhesive to the underside of each shingle to ensure a tight, secure fit even in cold weather or high winds.

Advantages Of Installation During The Winter Months

If your home already has a leak or water damage, it’s best not to wait until warm weather to address the problem. During those long, cold months water could continue to seep beneath your shingles and into your home, causing wood rot, mold, mildew and a host of other problems that will be costly to repair. By hiring a local roofing contractor who is experienced with working during colder months, you can minimize any problems and get the work completed earlier so that you can do any necessary interior repairs before home remodelers have a rush of springtime contracts.

Personal Attention And Savings

Since business is traditionally slower when the temperatures drop for exterior remodelers, you will get more personalized attention from your contractor and the job will probably be finished more quickly. You may even be able to negotiate a slightly lower price during the “off season.” It’s traditional that many contractors’ rates go up at the same time of year – in the spring, when more customers are clamoring for upgrades. By having your roof installed in the winter, you can beat that annual price increase.

Weather Proofing Your Roof

Roofing contractors like to do winter installations because it gives them the opportunity to add the proper ice and water shield before spring, when frequent rains and storms can cause leaks and high winds can loosen shingles, exposing your decking to potential damage. With the appropriate ice and water shield in place, you minimize the risk of melting snow backing up behind the eaves and creating problems that may not be evident for months. By that time, the damage could be major.

The simple answer to the question, “Can roofing be installed in the winter?” is yes. But to make sure it is done properly and in accordance with NRCA guidelines, hire a local contractor who is bonded and insured and has excellent references. You should also hire a company with several years of experience and an excellent warranty so that you and your home are protected no matter when the roofing is installed.


Source by Chris A. Harmen