Concrete Roofing Tile – A Lifetime of Protection


Characteristics Of Concrete Roofing Tile

One characteristic of concrete roofing tile which may be a cause for concern is that it is heavier even than asphalt roofing shingles. You can estimate that concreter roofing tile will weigh in at about four hundred pounds for every one hundred square feet of roof it covers, so your roofing contractor will need to test the strength of the substructure of your roof before installing it. But concrete roofing tile still weighs less than slate.

Concrete roofing tile is normally manufactured of concrete mixed with sand and pigment, and can be make in virtually any color. One of the few drawbacks of concreter roofing tile is that, unlike asphalt roofing shingles, its installation requires a good deal of finesse and should be left to roofers experienced enough to cope with the degree of detail involved. Roofing crews who have spent time on luxury home projects are the best equipped to handle concrete roofing installation, and will not attempt any shortcuts which can only lead to disaster.

Installing Concreter Roofing Tile

There are only minor differences in the procedures for installing concreter roofing tile and installing asphalt roofing singles. Either type of roofing material can be attached to the roof with one of two methods.

The first method employed in installing concrete roofing tiles, to wooden strips nailed on the roof’s surface, to which lugs are attached and connected to the underside of the tiles. The second method is similar to the method used on asphalt tiles, and involves setting the tiles directly on the surface of the roof and attaching them with screws or nails.

Designed to proven snow, ice, or water from penetrating beneath them, concrete roofing tiles interlock and after the first row is securely attached to the roof, the second is interlocked with it and also attached to the roof. The process is continued for all the rows of tile, resulting in a nearly impenetrable finished roof.

One real advantage of using concrete Roofing roofing tile is that its installation methods allow it to be placed on almost any surface, including those which are close to vertical. Concrete roofing tile, therefore, can be used not only on roofs but also as decorative accents on exterior walls or gables, adding booth to a home’s curb appeal and to its protection.


Source by Philip Keon