Corrugated Metal Roofing – Finding Top Corrugated Metal Roofing Installers A Builders Insight


Corrugated metal roofing installation and roof repair can be quite complex and if a leak goes unnoticed, it could be disastrous for your roof’s support structure and your home. A specialist roofing contractor can educate you about the different types of metal roofing material available in the market and suggest the right system one for your home. He should also know the correct procedure to install your roof so that it gives you optimum protection for a long time to come. Moreover, your local corrugated metal roofing contractor will have access to roofing supplies merchants and will be able to get you competitive pricing, resulting in savings for you.

But how do you find the best corrugated metal roofing Installer or contractor?

Browsing the Internet will help you find several dependable roofing contractors. You can also find a local roofing contractor, by asking around. Your friends, colleagues or neighbors probably might have used a good roofing contractor at some time or the other and might be able to recommend one. By doing this, you can avoid the possibilities of connecting with an unprofessional or unreliable contractor who does not have the skills to do a good job. In my experience, the questions that you should get answers to while shopping around for a roofing contractor are as follows:

  • How long has he been in the profession?
  • Does he have employees or does he sub contract some jobs?
  • For how long have his employees been with him and how experienced are they?
  • Which brand or manufacturer do they prefer and why?
  • For how long has he been installing those particular brands?

The best contractor should do a thorough physical audit of your present roofing system or proposed design before coming up with any recommendation or advice. Your contractor’s estimate of the roofing system to be installed must list the following:

  • the roofing company, which must be licensed and bonded,
  • what type of corrugated metal roofing material they will supply,
  • details of the flashing,
  • proposed payment schedule,
  • procedure for removal of debris and
  • the duration and coverage of the contractor’s warranty, both for installation and material used.

You will also want to know about the roofing payment schedule since you are making a sizeable investment. Most contracts require that you pay about 25% of the cost upfront and the balance in installments later, as and when certain portions of the project are completed.

It is important to get roofing insurance since you are making a huge investment whether it is roof repair or replacement. Your roofing contractor must take sufficient insurance to take care of property damage at the time of roof replacement, any accidents or injuries that his workers may face and any damage to your property due to leaks etc. Ask for proof of the insurance, and the worker’s compensation certificates. Pay particular attention to whether all the coverage is in force for the duration of the work. To avoid any kind of litigation, make sure that your roofing contractor is properly insured. Get everything in writing.

Since your roofing is the most important feature of your home and protects you from the external elements, a quality roofing system is essential. Installing a new corrugated metal roofing system is not just about the way it looks. The roofing contractor plays an equally important role since he is the one who will install it, and later take care of any roofing repair or problems like leaks, heat losses, bad performance, etc. Thus before you install a new roof or decide to get repairs done, you must very carefully assess the roofing contractor so that you are guaranteed of a good job.


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