Different Types of Metal Roofing to Consider


Metal is one of the preferred materials for roofing. The choice you have in metal roofs is enormous. However, not every kind of metal roof is suitable for your home. Before you make the choice, you need to understand the pros and cons of the varieties. Here is an overview.

Different types based on materials used

Metal roofs are predominantly manufactured using five kinds of materials – tin, galvanized steel, galvalume, aluminum and copper.

The main advantage of tin roofs is that they are highly resistant to weather conditions. They do not corrode, rust or undergo any other kind of distortion because of environmental factors. So, if you live in a place that experiences extreme climates, tin roofs can be a good choice. The limitation of tin roofs is that they need to be repainted once in a few years. Secondly, installation of these roofs is difficult and labor intensive. Thirdly, tin roofs are expensive.

Galvanized steel roofs are also highly weather resistant. Additionally, you don’t need to paint them every few years. They are highly durable and do not undergo degradation if minor damages are caused to the surface. On the flip side, it is crucial to install only the best quality galvanized steel roof because poor quality material expands and contracts due to heat and cold.

Galvalume is steel coated with aluminum and zinc. These roofs are excellent for homes that are located in coastal areas since the material is highly resistant to corrosion by salt water. The panels of this roofing material are easy to install. They are tough and repair scratches automatically when two panels rub against each other. The paint transfers from one panel to another and covers up scratches. On the flip side, galvalume is weak in resisting tensile forces. Also, the options you have in manufacturing and installation styles are lesser than other types of metallic roofing materials. Thirdly, a galvalume panel cannot be saw-cut. It needs to be cut by shearing.

Aluminum is perfect for wet weathers because it is the most resistant to corrosion. The metal is highly durable as well. The other major advantage is that aluminum is lighter in weight when compared to steel and galvalume. Aluminum reflects heat and keeps the interiors of the room cool. The limitation of aluminum lies in its cost. If you live in areas that experience heave hails and storms, you need aluminum of higher gauge, which increases the cost further.

Copper roofs are attractive in visual appeal. You can either use bare copper or coat the metal with lead. If you leave it bare, copper oxidizes and takes on a beautiful patina hue. If you coat it with lead, copper shines with its natural metallic tint. Besides being attractive, copper roofs are highly durable. They are also easy to handle and install. The drawback of copper roofs lies in their high costs. Usually, copper is used in the form of trims for beautification purposes. In addition to the material used, also check out the manufacturing and finishing of metal roof panels.


Source by Hancock M Santiago