Do You Need a New Roof?


Most roofs are designed with the plan that they will last for twenty years or so. The better quality the materials and the more experienced the installers, the higher the odds are that the twenty-year mark will be met. But a wise homeowner keeps an eye on the roof, looking for indications that it might be time to repair it or replace it. Companies that do roofing in Jefferson City, MO recommend that homeowners look for the following conditions.

A water stain inside the house is the first sign that a roof needs some attention. But contractors for roofing in mid-Missouri should honestly tell you that a leak does not necessarily mean the roof is the problem. A leaking water pipe could be the culprit. The drip pan of the air conditioner could be overflowing. Look for simpler causes before calling in someone who does roofing in Jefferson City, MO.

Algae growth on the roof might look scary, but does not generally indicate a problem with your roof. Instead, these dark patches can be cleaned with a bleach, water, and trisodium phosphate mixture. It should be sprayed on the affected area, allowed to sit for about fifteen minutes, and then rinsed clean. No scrubbing should be done as that could damage the shingles.

Missing granules on the shingles need a closer look. Some granules loosen when the roof is installed and are generally not cause for concern. But if the roof is old or you can see asphalt, you should have your roof inspected by someone qualified to do roofing in mid-Missouri.

Damaged flashing around the fireplace or in other areas can result from settling in the roof, improper installation, or other factors. An honest roofing company in mid-Missouri will recommend that you replace only the flashing and the shingles immediately surrounding it.

Missing shingles should be replaced immediately, and loose shingles should be secured using flashing cement. This is a task that can be done by the homeowner, but for safety reasons, companies qualified in roofing in mid-Missouri are a better bet. They know how to safely work on the roof and should not charge much for a small job.

Curling shingles are caused by lack of ventilation in the attic or by improperly fastened shingles. The appropriate number of fasteners should be used to keep the shingles flat. If ventilation is the problem, consult someone who does roofing in mid-Missouri for advice. They can tackle the situation or recommend someone who can.

Blistered shingles absorb moisture. Broken blisters expose the asphalt to the elements. In this case, the shingles should be replaced, but a reliable company that does roofing in Jefferson City, MO can tell you if the entire roof is affected. It’s possible that only a few shingles need replacing.

Rotten shingles must be replaced quickly. How many depends on the width of the area affected, which may be the entire roof. Again, seek advice from a company that is known for reliable roofing in mid-Missouri.

Any company that does roofing in mid-Missouri can handle roof repairs or installations. But, as with any contractor, a wise homeowner will do his homework and find just the right company.


Source by Tiffany P. Smith