Does the Future of Conservatories Involve Far Less Glass?

In recent years, the design of conservatories has started to show a trend towards using less glass during construction. There could be a number of reasons for this that relate to costs and the availability of materials, but from an aesthetic point of view it can be explained by the need to match the style of the rest of the property. It goes without saying that most houses are not made entirely out of glass, and so most traditional conservatories stand out from the main building of bricks and concrete. Although essentially there is not much wrong with having this type of extension with large amounts of glazing, it has never been more desirable to make a conservatory appear to be a natural extension of the main property.

A popular method of keeping a conservatory in the same style as the main home is to fit a roof that has the same construction style of the main building. RealRoof is a style of roofing that has been specifically designed to allow conservatories to be built with a matching roof to the rest of the property, and it is significantly shorter to install than a traditional roof. Once the base has been installed, there are a number of tiling and slate options that can extend the main roofing style seamlessly – this is all carried out without the traditional hassles that are associated with installing other types of roofing. This system is also far superior to a glass roof for insulating properties, and it even outforms many different traditional building materials during the winter months. The flexibility of realRoof means that it is possible to install skylights and roof windows, which means that it is not necessary to sacrifice natural light.

To extend the idea of ​​a conservatory being more of an 'extension' than a glass building, you can take full advantage of the building materials that are offered in the increasing range of home improvement products that are available. By using plaster and other types of wall coverage and columns, the conservatory has the feel and the look of being another room of the property, and this will usually have a positive effect on the overall value of a home. To find out more about how these new roof roof designs are all about making a conservatory look more like a natural home extension, more information is available through your local contractor.


Source by Matt D Lambourne