Doing the Curved Metal Roofing Yourself


Curved metal roofing adds a touch of style as well as improve the looks of any building project, and the latest in metal roofing allows for accentuating curves which designers as well as architects find possible through the incorporation of curved metal roofing design in order to get the best out of a building in terms of aesthetics. This is a work that some home and building owners wants to do by themselves to save the time and money and actually yes, it is doable in the small projects where special tools and expertise are not required. Curved metal roofing is something that is very elegant and catchy. It adds the beauty to the toughness of the metal. Therefore in order to accomplish this task yourself you should have some basic tools and materials.

The Pre-Installation Process

The installation process is the tricky part but there are many things that need to be in place before the starting of the actual installation. These things are the material, tools and a little knowledge about how put these two into place to get things working for you.

Measurement Process

The first step you need to do is to measure the roof so that you can get the proper amount of metal for it. Now do not measure straight as you are going to install the curved roof so measure in the curves as well as the flat surface of your roof so that the metal can cover the entire roof. Don’t forget to buy a little extra amount of the metal because you never know when you become short of the metal.

Buying the Appropriate Metal

Now that you have measured the metal, its time to do some shopping. Be sure you get the right metal as you are going to install the curved roof. Therefore you will need to buy the flexible metal so that it can be bent where desired. If you buy the wrong metal, the metal won’t bend and you will not be able to get the curves in the roof. Now that you have the metal, you are ready to install the roof.

The Installation Process

The installation process is critical but many guides and tutorials are available to do things properly. Mostly the guides are provided with the materials you buy so this should not be very difficult for you. Now the first thing you have to do is that you have to bend the metal into curves. This can be done by the appropriate tools. Also these bent metals should be fixed to the roof properly and safely. Once the bent metal is fastened to the roof, you need to make sure that there aren’t any leaks or gaps left. This is a very important job; metal caulk is used to fill these leaks and gaps. During the installation process, be cautious not to damage and dent the metal because it will be difficult to install it and will look shabby after it is installed. That is all; your curved metal roof is ready.


Source by Wade Robins