Fully Adhered EPDM System Specifications – Mule Hide Roofing Systems


The scope of a complete EPDM System Specification is to furnish and install a rubber EPDM Roofing Membrane with flashings and accessories necessary to comprise a roofing system. The Mule Hide EPDM products and accessories shall be installed in a strict compliance with the current specifications and drawings.

The Fully Adhered EPDM Membrane Roofing System utilizes an.060 inch thick non reinforced EPDM sheet. Optional sheets that may be approved for use in the fully adhered system are.045 inch thick non reinforced and.045 inch thick or.060 inch thick polyester reinforced sheets. The EPDM membrane is fully adhered to an acceptable substrate with Mule Hide Bonding Adhesive. Adjoining sheets are overlapped a minimum of 3 inches and spliced with Mule Hide Spice Adhesive or with Mule hide In Seam Tapes.

The related work includes a vapor retarder, a wood blocker, insulation, a slip sheet, fasteners, roof membranes, roof membranes flashings, metal flashings, adhesives sealants, and walkways. The Glued or fully adhered EPDM membrane roofing system shall be installed exclusively by an independent roofing contractor. There shall be no deviations from these specifications or of The manufacturer installation standards details without prior written approval from Mule Hide’s Technical Department.

Upon completion of the installation according to the terms and conditions stated in this article and in accordance to the information given in the warranty application and pre-job survey form and any additional approvals which might have been given by manufacturer of which is an authorized representative of the Mule Hide may perform an on-site inspection of the roof to verify that all installation and material requirements have been met.

Prior to the time of bidding, the roofing contractor shall submit to the owner or owner’s representative the following items. Copies of a installation specifications and published product data, samples of each material to be used in the roof system, specimen copy of the Different Products warranty, certification from insulation, roofing and accessory components manufacturers that all materials supplied comply with identified ASTM and industry standards, verifications that system specifications meet all identified code and insurance requirements.

All product specifications and details where deviations to the manufacturer standard specifications are requested and required. All project specifications where a premium warranty is required or an extension to the wind coverage is requested.

All information necessary to determine compliance with specified UL or FM requirements.These are very specific details that have to be done correctly to insure that the warranty is good at the time of completion for an EPDM installation on commercial Roofing!


Source by Joseph Vann Hamby Sr.