General Roof Maintenance


General roof maintenance involves the use of synthetic materials for construction of commercial and residential roofs. They usually comprise of three elements – a thermal insulation barrier, a waterproofing membrane and a structural deck. The materials used in manufacturing them are either polymer based, rubber based, asphalt based or metal.

Majority of polymers are thermoplastics and involve roofing membranes as a component of the latter material group. These are relatively new and heralded for their strong advantages over other items. As a matter of fact, they offer the benefit of both PVC and EPDM, without any drawbacks.

TPOs are theoretically resistant to sunlight and UV while also staying heat-weldable. They are recyclable, environmentally friendly and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.


The longer the environmental exposure of TPOs, the more are they purported to showcase the typical surface degradation signs. The loss of sheet shrinkage and millage are highly vital for general roof maintenance. If your roof has begun to collect algae or moss, install deteriorated lead or zinc control strips.

Check the entire flashings to ensure they don’t have holes in them and that they aren’t deteriorated. Maintain algae off the surface of the roofs. If necessary, install zinc conrol strips along the ridges and hips. Replace all damaged shingles. Trim overhanging tree branches. Keep your gutter debris free, ensuring the downspouts drain properly through extensive water-testing.

Additional Precautions

General roof maintenance includes regular checking of sealants and caulking. Remove and scrape damaged and weather cracked caulking. Thoroughly clean the area. If necessary, use wire brush. Check the coating of mortar on parapet walls and chimneys, both on top and in between the brick. Have it tuck-pointed if it is deteriorated or damaged.

Clear all debris from the roof surface, including those gathered around pitch pans, pipes, HVAC units and other penetrations.


Source by Kathy Mercado