Get the Facts on Roofing Jobs


If you are in need of a roofing contractor to re-roof or repair you home, you will find out after researching roofing companies that they either classify themselves as residential roofers or as commercial roofers. A few will state that they do both residential and commercial jobs. You may not be aware of the difference. You may think that all roofs are the same. The distinction between a commercial job and a residential job lies in the type of building that has to be re-roofed. The purpose for which you use the house does not determine whether the roof is a residential or a commercial roof. For example the apartment complex roof is classified as a commercial job even though is a residential property. Roofing jobs are handled differently, so you will need to determine which type you need.

To determine what type of roof you have, you will have to call the contractor you are going to be dealing with and ask them that question. The size of the jobs also differentiates a commercial from a residential job. What is the square footage of the roof? The number of workers needed to complete the job is another consideration.

Usually commercial roofing jobs require an entire crew of workers but a residential job will usually only require one contractor. Typically in a commercial structure more protrusions are present but that is not the case in a residential building. In a residential one chimney may be present. By contrast, a commercial structure will have a skylight, ventilation systems and pipes, smoke stacks, and a roof entrance. These structures can be a hindrance to a roofer, and to resolve those obstacles, a crane may be needed to assist with these types of roofing jobs.

On a restaurant structure, a number of such obstacles are usually encountered, and may cause difficulties for the contractors. Workers unions also give input to determine one type of job apart from the other. In order to capture the more highly paid roofing jobs, many companies will purposely join the unions. A difference is possible because of the tools and product that are needed for the job. An example of this is a residential roofer may be unable to handle a commercial because his does not have the required tools. Lack of the needed number of workers to do the job is another factor.

Recent changes in the roofing industry regarding new product introductions for commercial jobs will determine the type of job required. An example is the phasing out of hot roofing in favor of rubberized roofing materials.

Your first task is to distinguish between the roofing jobs – which type will you need, do you need a residential or a commercial job? In the majority of cases the type will be clear, but it does not hurt to find out if you have any doubts. The next step would be to ensure that the roofing company you hire is competent to do that particular job. If you follow the point outlined here and do your due diligence, you will have a good roofing experience and get the good service and workmanship you deserve.


Source by Shawn Monterey