Green Roofing


The world now is likely to be going green to be clean, which sounds quite odd since it was already green to start with before Homo sapiens started to take over. Regardless, everything is now claiming to be ecofriendly today from vehicles to buildings to the apparels we wear. Well actually, the green roof movement is completely a real green revolution.

The roof of a building is something that most of the people ignore. In reality, it is out of the most amazing construction strategies we have developed. Consider this for a minute. Your roof on an average sizzles in the sun whole day, gets frozen in the chilly winters and gets wet because of immense amounts of water during rainy season. Not only that it is amazing, but also most rooftop designs are good enough that they will surely last about 20 to 35 years. Now isn’t that just amazing.

A green roof is basically a roof which is constructed by growing vegetation on the terrace. Basically it is a terrace garden, green roofs were actually developed in the late 1950s in West Germany, and now they have become very popular in many western countries. It has however now been proving to be a very useful and widely used technique in the U.S. There is a debate going on as to how much organic material should be there so as to classify it as a green roof, but for the betterment we will suggest a fully green roof for this article.

The environmental advantages of this roof are countless, and they include a decrease in water runoffs that occur in typical houses. A decrease of water runoff is very good for the whole society, as excessive runoff can lead to flooding and contamination of water. As green roofs feature a lot of soil and green plants, these roofs can absorb as much as 80% of rainwater. This collected moisture is then reverted back into the atmosphere through water condensation. A typical house roof on the other side is meant to be completely water resistant, so every single drop of rainwater drains into the sewage.

Good for the surroundings, even better for your pocket, and refreshing to the naked eye, green roofs are an emerging trend that will have a good impact on the nature. Not just that, but a good green roof could increase the worth of your house by lot of dollars.


Source by Irsan Komarga