Installing Metal Roofing Shingles – Basics & Barest Facts


As with the other’s way of installing roofing shingles, you will be confronted with the natural choice of opting for metal ones. They are made to mimic other types of roofing shingles. These metal shingles are coated just enough to prevent corrosion and pressed to form realistic shapes.

As with installation precautions, extreme caution is required. The tools are the things you first need. However, with this case, it is really better to let them be installed professionally as it require endurance, skill and ability that can be learned only through obtaining lessons from the manufacturers to achieve its installation. The very basic and barest facts about installation will be explained later, though.

Nevertheless, if you want to estimate your materials, here are the basics. A roof is typically measured by squares. A square is equal to 100 square feet. There may be eighty shingles in a square. There are usually three bundles in a square. However, this will likely depend on the shingle style. Therefore, if you choose metal roofing shingles, you need to see what they look alike to calculate the needed materials.

You can now measure the area which is length time the width and to be divided by 100. You can now get the number of squares required, multiply them by three to the required bundles of shingles for the job. You can add a marginal 15 percent for spare which is the ones leaning towards the roof if the design of your roof have hips and valleys.

There are also other items needed such as ice and water shield, drip edge, roofing nails, hip and ridge vents and other things. At this point after calculation, you can leave it up to the installers.

Residential roofing contractors are the ones skilled to install these roofing shingle systems. As many would install wood, tile or asphalt, most of them do not know how to install metal shingles. They require a slight difference in techniques. Metal roofing contractors are taught with factory assembly lessons to allow them to install these kinds of products.

Metal roofing shingles are very different from other types of shingles. If you really want to invest on them, be sure to spare more for the installers. Overall, this can be a rare installation if you really want a metal roof but the ones that look like natural shingles.


Source by Anthony Lee