Metal Roof Colors – Expanding Your Options


With the choices and advancements in metal roofing, companies are now able to offer consumers a vast array of metal roof colors to complement their homes exterior paint choice. Colors are usually offered from the factory and can be selected at the same time you are picking out your roofing material. Most colors come directly from the factory as such. At the factory level, there are many different ways that paint can be applied so be sure to inquire about what methods they use.

The most beneficial is when the paint is treated with something called a clear fluoropolymer resin. This is a resin that’s original purpose was to stop corrosion inside of steel pipes utilized in chemical plants. Eventually, someone determined that it also helped to block the detrimental effects of ultraviolet light on a surface’s paint, resulting in paint fade. Because of this, the primer will help your roof’s paint maintain its original beauty for many years to come. It has been reported that metal roofing covered in the fluoropolymer resin will still be 85 percent of its original color after 20 years of being exposed to the elements. If you’re looking for a solution that you won’t have to repaint for decades, this is a clear standout. Also, some companies even offer warranties on their metal roof colors so be sure to see if one is offered with yours.

When selecting a color for your roof, make sure it’s one that is neutral enough that you will enjoy it for many years to come. Take into account the color of your home and make sure that the house and metal roof colors are harmonious with one another. Most metal roofing supplies can also help you make this decision so don’t be afraid to seek their input. Often, a roof’s color is something that gets overlooked when someone is painting their house, or in this case, installing a new color roof so it’s best to make sure they last. Also, request samples of metal roof colors from the manufacturer instead of relying on your computer monitor. Some colors come out displayed differently on computers so it’s a way to be sure you are getting the color you want.

If you live in a covenant controlled neighborhood, check with your home owner’s association or governing body about the particulars of metal roof colors as well. Some may have stipulations pertaining to what colors are allowed and banned or you may just have to go through a process of getting your choice approved. If you do have to get it approved, make sure you understand the process necessary. Be sure to visit our website to find local contractors and to learn more about metal roofing.


Source by Chris Xavier