Metal Roofing Materials – A Variety of Options


When you tell people you are considering a metal  roof , many people get the mental image of the farm house with an unsightly tin  roof  hovering over its barn. In the past years, metal  roofing   materials  have made incredible forward progress to combine their extraordinary benefits as a building material with the eye catching appeal the standard homeowner is after. No longer just a solution for industrial buildings and barns, metal  roofs  can be found in a variety of styles and colors.

Believe it or not, metal  roofing   materials  are now available that replicate many of the traditional styles we’ve grown familiar with. Metal  roofing  can be purchased that duplicates the appearance of a slate or shingle  roof . Some manufacturers have even gone as far as to embed their metal “shingles” with sand and stone, lending them to the most authentic look possible.

There are metal shakes that replicate the wooden shake  roofs  from the olden days and even clay tile to give an authentic Mediterranean or Spanish image. There are other designs available as well that can only be achieved with a metal  roof , such as a standing seam metal  roof  that is popular with many architects due to its contemporary design characteristics.

It’s not simply about the image they produce, though. Metal  roofing   materials  are now actually available that are energy star rated. Products in this category are in line with the Department of Energy’s movement to promote energy efficient products. These products take the natural reflective properties of metal one step further to increase its reflectivity of the sun’s rays. This helps lower the  roof’s  surface temperature and, in turn, the amount of energy it requires to cool your house.

It also acts to reduce the amount of energy lost in the winter months when you are trying to keep warm, reflecting heat back inside the home where it belongs. In the end, it is better for the environment, your home, and best yet, your pocket book.

Metal  roofing   materials  are no longer just about functionality. Over the past 20 years or so, a huge movement has skyrocketed metal  roofing  to new heights and made it appealing to homeowners everywhere. They are now being manufactured to duplicate the traditional looks we enjoy and bring new life to those with a more stylistic approach. From efficiency to durability, there’s no better choice than a metal  roof  for your needs. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about metal  roofing .


Source by Chris Xavier