Metal Tile Roofing – Discover the Benefits!


If you enjoy the look of slate roofs, cedar shake roofs or the signature Mediterranean clay tiles, but do not have it within your budget to use these particular materials, consider the option of metal tile roofing. There has been an amazing explosion of styles, colors and textures in the manufacturing of these particular roofing elements.

You can now have the look you want for a smaller investment than that required for the actual slate, wood or clay. Although more costly than the traditional asphalt, metal provides qualities not found in the less expensive alternatives.

Metal tile roofing is mainly made of one of the following – aluminum, steel or copper. Your prices are affected by which material you choose as well as by the intricacy of the design pattern. Looking at one individual tile will not allow you get the overall feel of the roof surface.

You should be able to view pictures or samples containing a larger section. This will give you the “picture” created by the assembly of the individual tiles. It may be quite different than what you expect. It is better to see this now than later when a whole section of your roof has been completed!

One of the best qualities of metal tile roofing is the durability. Asphalt, which is still used on 90% of the homes in the country, has an expected life of 15 to 30 years. Metal, on the other hand is often guaranteed by warranty to last 50 years or longer! One thing to be careful about is the installation. Your professional contractor should be a specialist in this type of work.

They must follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly in order for you to benefit from the warranty. There are often stringent criteria for underlayment, flashing, preparation of the surface and the like that they must abide by to fulfill the requirements.

Metal tile roofing is better at resisting the harshness and extremes of the elements than the more often applied asphalt. The coatings are designed to reduce energy use within the home by reflecting the heat of the sun. This will help offset the initial investment by avoiding costly repairs while saving you money over the course of time.

These tiles are also better at retaining their color and finish than other roofing materials. The use of these materials will enhance the appearance and value of your home for years to come . . .


Source by Chris Smitts