New Roof Inspections


When people get a new roof they tend to automatically believe that the roof is in great condition and correctly installed. This is not always the case. Consumers should consider hiring a home inspector to inspect the roof so as to catch issues before damage can occur.

There are good roofer and there are bad roofers. There are also people who really are not roofers and have no business dong roofing but they claim to be roofers and get home owners to hire them. Before you give a roofer your hard earned cash make certain that they did a good job for you.

To ensure that the roofer will do a good job you need to locate a home inspector that is willing to do an inspection on only the roof of your home. Home inspectors prefer to do whole home inspections but some will do partial inspections as well.

After you have the inspector selected let the roofer know that you will have the roof inspected after they are done installing the roof. Tell the roofer up front that is what you will do. This has a great way of getting the roofer to take greater care in how they install a roof. They will do a better job. By telling the potential roofer that you will have an inspector double check their work you not only will get better work done for you, but you may also scare off the con artists that claim to be good roofers.

Most home owners do not climb on to the roof to check the work of a roofing company and the roofers know that. When they realize that a professional inspector will be inspecting the roof the roofer become more thorough in how they install a roof. Little details like sealants over the nail heads do not get skipped.

When the inspector does inspect the roof chose an inspector that uses a camera as part of his inspection. This will provide visual evidence that you can show to the roofing company of any issues. Roofing companies rely on subcontractors and employees to do the work. Not every worker can be a good one. The roofing company may even appreciate the information so that they can avoid issues in the future on other roofing jobs.

When looking at getting a new roof installed remember to contact a home inspector to double check the work to help guarantee that you get the quality you deserve.


Source by Jim Troth