Other Roofing Products VS Metal Roofing Products

While most people know only roofing panels made of metal, in reality, there are many metal kinds of roofing products being produced. They are in demand these days for their affordability and industrial usefulness. Several types of these metal roofing products have been used years ago but are now in style again.

Here are some other product materials being used in roofing, which can be compared to metal:

  1. Asphalt shingles are used for up to the whole surface of a roof in the United States. They are used to evaluate factors such as wind resistance, fire, tear strength, and other performance gauge. They come in standard or designer varieties.

The standard type is light-textured with a flat surface while designer types are heavily textured. Metal does not have these characteristics. It is actually up to your decision how well you will like this kind of roofing product material once you try using it.

  1. Wood shingles and shakes are also used in metal roofing. They are commonly made from redwood, cedar, southern pine and other woods. Handmade wood shingles have rougher looking appearance compared to machine-sawn types.

They are not used these days as some building codes prohibit them due to susceptibility of catching fire. Most of them have class C ratings in construction materials. In comparison, class A products are applied with a fire-resistant coating. You can definitely choose metal over wood, as they are more fire retardant.

  1. Tiles are also used and are a very durable product material. The Spanish round-topped and mission tiles are used widely on Florida and nearby places. There are also flat styles to get an impression of English and French look.

There can be various colors and finishes. Tiles are heavy, if you want to replace your roof with tiles, make sure the load can be supported by the structure. Heavy means too much load and roofing products must be lightweight and can be transported easily. It may not be advisable to use.

A roof can be fitted with metal roofing from small to big structures. Architecture and builders can use different roofing products to achieve the desired effect. As with the client’s preference, they can modify appearance, aesthetic, and performance or various materials.

These roofing materials may come in copper, steel, aluminum and other steels. Most of them are made of recycled materials and coated or treated to prevent corrosion or rusting.


Source by Anthony Lee