Prepare for Emergency Commercial Roof Repair With These Simple Steps

Your company’s roof is what keeps your business protected from the elements, but it’s probably not something you give much thought to until you suddenly notice the leak in the conference room. This is when you’ll need to call a roofer for commercial roof repairs. Some of the more common reasons you’ll find leaks in your roof include the following:

  • Deterioration due to constant exposure to the elements and UV radiation

    – Broken or missing shingles from high winds

    – Falling tree limbs during a storm

    – Failed flashing around penetrations like vent stacks, skylights, or a chimney

    – Clogged, backed-up gutters

Steps to Take Before an Emergency Happens

Although you can’t prevent every possible cause of roof damage, you can take the following steps now to make an emergency situation less stressful and help reduce the likelihood of unexpected damage and leaks.

Find a Reliable and Dependable Roofer

To avoid searching for a roofer when water is pouring into your business or home, start vetting contractors now. Look for a contractor who’s well established, and contact references to judge their reputation for customer service, reliability, and responsiveness. An experienced roofer should also have certifications from leading manufacturers and be fully insured. Once you choose a contractor, keep their phone number handy so you can reach them if an emergency occurs.

Take Care of Necessary Problems and Repairs

Have your contractor inspect the roof and get any problems fixed before they escalate. Taking care of minor issues like broken or missing shingles, damaged flashing or poorly-installed ridge caps right away can also lessen the likelihood of leaks during a storm or heavy rain. Without these necessary commercial roof repairs, you could suffer not only extreme damage but also potential interruption to your daily business operations as well.

Read Your Building Owner’s Insurance Policy

It’s important to know whether you’re covered for any type of natural disaster or accident, or if you only have coverage for specific events like fire, hail, or lightning. It’s also good to learn if the amount you’ll get reimbursed for includes roof repairs or if a replacement is affected by the age of your roof. Many business owners are focused on other aspects of their business insurance policy, but understanding what will be covered in the event of damage to any part of your commercial building is just as important.

Know How to Shut Off Utilities

Knowing how to quickly shut off the flow from utilities if your roof sustains extensive damage during a storm may help you prevent a potential fire, flood, gas leak, or even an explosion. Speak with the utility company if you are unsure as to how to manually shut off your utilities.

All of the above is vital to increasing the lifespan of your roof and may mitigate the damage if an emergency situation occurs. And while you always want to save money on maintaining your commercial building, commercial roof repairs and maintenance are an essential part of being a business owner. Having a reliable roofing contractor that you can depend on in a moment’s notice is crucial to ensuring that your roofing issues don’t interfere with your company’s ability to operate on a day-to-day basis.


Source by Antoinette Ayana