Re-Roofing – Know the Benefits


In general, a roof will last a good twenty years before requiring a replacement. Somewhere around the ten-year mark, many begin developing leaks, and loose/missing shingles. In addition, the sun may also go ahead to cause discoloration in the shingles causing them to look old and beaten. In this article, we will outline the many benefits to re-roofing your home.

1: Re-roofing will stop the leakage. If you’re beginning to notice a slight increase in the amount of patching projects required to maintain your covering, it may be a good indication that a new one is in order. In some instances, the decking may need replacing as well. While this can become pretty expensive, rather quickly, it’s worth not having to dump out the drainage bucket every time it rains.

2: A new roof will always increase the value of a home. To those in the market to buy, a new one states that the home has been well maintained and cared for. You can almost always make up the difference in the sale price from investing in a re-roof project.

3: The chance to begin anew. Add a new look to your home through the use of a shingle color or patter that is pleasing to the eye. If you replacement happens to take place at a time when you will be painting the home as well, paint the exterior first, and choose a complimentary shingle style to really make it pop.

4: A replacement one will typically lower property insurance rates. The newer the roof, the less likely it will require repairs; the less the insurance company worries. In fact, many insurance plans give special discounts to owners who have roofs that are less than 10 years old.

5: As the shape of a roof directly determines which way the water drains during stormy weather, you may be able to avoid future foundation damage through replacement. Older roofs are sometimes known to direct water the wrong way. A new one can help redirect the flow. You may even consider adding a new gutter system as well.

6: The opportunity to look at new and exciting options. These days, there are plenty of ways to go about a roofing project. Take the time to look at what’s available to you. Look around at neighbors houses, magazines, and online. You may find something to your liking that you never knew existed!


Source by Andrew Stratton