Roof Maintenance Can Save You Money!


Major roof repair can be costly and time consuming. There are things that you can do as a homeowner to help keep your roof in good shape so that you avoid unexpected roofing costs later. A little preventative  maintenance  can help your  roof  last much longer, and cost you less money in the long run.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Schedule yourself to do a thorough inspection of your roof at least twice a year. Sunlight, wind, rain, and snow can have a significant impact on your shingles, and a regular visual inspection will help you see any potential problems before they become severe. If you experience an extreme weather event, like a hailstorm, be sure to look your roof over carefully when the storm is over. Hail can break your shingles or cause gaps in the seals, which can lead to leaks in your attic and ceiling.

Keep it Clean

While you are inspecting your roof for potential problems, be sure to clean up any debris that might have collected up there. Clean your gutters regularly so that they don not cause water to back up under your shingles and cause damage. If you notice that green algae is beginning to grow on your shingles, you can kill it using a zinc based preparation. Any loose shingles can be re-attached with a simple cement bonding agent. Replace seals that show weather damage, and replace any shingles that have been lost. Replacing shingles one at a time is far less expensive than replacing the entire roof. If there are trees near your house, make sure that there are no limbs directly overhanging the roof.

Stop Problems Before They Become Emergencies

If you take the necessary steps to keep your roof in good working order, you will prolong the life of your roof and save yourself from unpleasant emergency roof work. A leak can go unnoticed for several months if it is over a garage or a tall attic. The water that collects under the roof can cause mold and other serious health hazards, as well as damage the structure of your house. A simple  maintenance  check of your  roof  and gutters twice a year can prevent leaks and keep your home healthy and sound.


Source by Jesse A. Garrett