Roof Shingles – Learn About the Different Kinds of Materials You Can Use


If you are looking for roof shingles to cover the roof of your house, you need to decide on what kind of material that your roof shingles should be made out of. There are actually a wide variety of materials you can choose from to make up a long lasting covering for your roof.

In general, roof shingles are comprise of overlapping individual materials, rectangular in shape and flat, placed in rows to cover the roof. To install, shingles are positioned in layers from the lower edge to top edge. Afterwards, a double layer is place to make it even sturdy and waterproof. These layers are what give your roof an overlapping look and feel.

The various materials used in shingles are slate, wood, bitumen-soaked, asbestos-cement and ceramic. The use of a specific kind of shingle greatly depends on the benefit it provides. For example, wood and paper-based shingles are rarely used as it is very susceptible to fire.

Among all the kinds of roof shingles, it is the asphalt ones that rank on top. These are used widely as roof cover because it is cheap and easy to install. There are actually two types of asphalt shingles, namely fiberglass and organic. Organic shingles are paper-saturated and are waterproof. It is made up of about 40% asphalt making it weigh heavier than the fiberglass. Nevertheless, it provides a great deal of durability.

On the other hand, fiberglass shingles are lightweight and easy to install. These are made out of glass fiber mat and coated with asphalt to make it waterproof. It is these kinds of shingles that are widely used in the United States for residential use.

Now, for the asbestos shingles, the old versions are more hard and durable than the new ones. The great thing about asbestos shingles is their quality of being wind resistant making it sturdy enough to face storms.

Overall, choosing the best roof shingles for roofing depends on the climate of your location. Indeed, these shingles come in different varieties. However, installing them should be done warily. This is done in a step by step basis while prioritizing personal safety.


Source by George Edmondson