Roofers Should Use Metal Roofing Materials


In recent times, the advantages of using metal  roofing   materials  have been discovered by both home builders and home owners. The number of people using these materials has risen in the last ten years and the demand has caused the increased distribution of these materials on the marketplace.

The  materials  are not to be confused with the tin barn  roofs  that were used in the past. Home owners are choosing materials for a number of reasons. It can last for a very long time and will completely prevent water from entering the house. This type of  roofing  can withstand the ravages of high wind and snow. It is completely resistant to mildew, fire, insects and rot and has earned for it the distinction of a very good warranty.

The reason for the great warranty is because the manufacturing companies know that their product is excellent and will last from 20 to 50 years. The product is very light. The weight of the  roofing  is much lighter when compared to both tile and concrete forms of  roofing .

Because of the lightness of the metal  roof , it can be applied right over the traditional  roofing , without first removing the original  roofing . This adds strength to the whole structure. These metal  roofing   materials  are easily installed. The fast installation means that licensed contractors will spend very little time on the installation process. This ease of installation works to your advantage in the situation where you may want a quick  roof  installation prior to a large storm coming.

The time required is usually only about one or two days. The metal  roofing   materials  is non-combustible. This type of  roofing  has been given a class A rating for being non-combustible. It is wise to verify with your contractor, if your  roof  will be non-combustible under intense heat.

Because of the light color of the metal  roofing , light is reflected off the surface and much less heat will actually enter the home as a result of this. This lessons the amount of heat that enters the heat at midday. With the metal  roofing , a pocket of dead-air space wedged between the  roof  deck and the metal will serve to maximize the energy efficiency.

It is good to know the disadvantages of metal  roofing   materials . This  roofing   material  cost from $150 to $600 per square. Another disadvantage is that this type of  roof  is noisy – think of the sound of the rain falling on the  roof . Not everyone will think of that sound as romantic. It may be totally irritating to some people. So with the metal  roofing  you will have a noisier  roof  as compared to more traditional  roofing   materials . By using certain  roofing   materials  containing structural barriers, it is possible to minimize the noise of the rain on the metal  roof .

The most common metal  roofing   materials  used today are: aluminum – this choice is popular among home owners as it minimizes the sound of the rain; copper – though it is expensive it does not rust like aluminum; stainless steel – this is very expensive but will neither corrode or rust: alloys – these materials have strength is durable and weathers very well; steel – this is heavier that aluminum and has the look of slate.

This variety of  materials  will provide anyone with a choice that will suit their  roofing  needs.


Source by Shawn Monterey