Roofing Calculator For Roof Renovation


It could easily be argued that the roof is the single most important part of your house because it serves to protect your home from the elements such as rain, snow and wind. However not all roofs are created equal and you will see that there are many types of roofing including flat, slanted, dome and ridged. All the types of roof have two layers the inner structure which gives support and the outer structure which shields the building as it is structured in such a way that it does not allow the adverse weather condition to affect the building. The material used for making a roof is also varied it can be plant material which is known as thatched roof, clay along with binding material to marble and metal and various other material which is easily available in that area. Nowadays due to the developments in the method of building drainage system flat roofs are preferred in most of the places.

What is Roofing Calculator?

Roofing calculator is a tool which is available on the web for the exact calculation of the material needed to build a new roof or to renovate the old roof. This tool is very helpful as it saves time and money. You do not have to search for the experts in roofing and hire their services to get the exact measurement of the roof and find out the exact amount of material needed for the roof. The roofing calculator gives all the information and the owner can do it online. The rough idea about the shape of the roof and the measurement information idea will do the trick and the owner does not have to be a roofing expert but to get the accurate feedback you have to feed in some basic accurate measurements that will help the roofing calculator to provide the information about the exact cost and material needed for renovation or for building a new roof.

How to Go About Measuring Your Roof Correctly

To measure a roof correctly you have to know the basics about the shape of the roof. It is easy to measure a flat poof, but for a slanting roof you have to measure the slope which is known as the pitch and the distance between the centers of the roof to the outer end which is called the run. The best way to get the exact measurement without climbing the ladder with a measuring device is to calculate according to the measurement given in the blue print. But do not worry if you are weak in mathematics it is not a big problem as there are various sites on the internet which act as roofing calculators and the measurement is done by them automatically by feeding in some basic details about your roof which can be obtained from your roof plan. The roofing calculator can also be used to estimate the exact amount of paint or coating required for the roof.


Source by April Kerr