Roofing Maintenance Tips For The Non Professional


You could actually do maintenance jobs for your roof without having to involve a roofer in the process. This should save you a ton of money on services, and make you more productive and hands-on as a homeowner. If you’ve done it before, it will probably just take you a week or so to get finish the job and secure your home’s crowning glory. And just to make sure that you get things right and find less difficulty when it comes to taking on a roofing upkeep project during the summer, here are some tips you could use.

1. Check the surroundings of your roof from the ground first and see if there is anything leaning towards it. Trees, for example, can pose quite a problem to its integrity. If you see any branches that might brush on your tiles or fall on them and clog your gutter systems with leaves, work out a plan on how you could safely cut them down and out of the way, before you climb up and start cleaning the roof.

2. Once you’re done, go up to your home’s roofing and check if there are singles missing or torn off. In addition, investigate which are already about to detach. It is important that you get them replaced or secure them right away, as these could make your home’s framework vulnerable to water damage, mold and rotting. In loosening tiles, use a pry bar or a putty knife and gently chip through them, before you rock them back and forth, to separate the good batch from the damaged ones. And then, replace those that were taken out with new ones and put them on piece by piece. Work on one row at a time. Make sure you don’t leave anything unfinished before you call it a day.

3. After getting rid of the obvious flaws, it is then time for you to survey if there are hidden leakages on your roof. Take a garden hose up and start spraying different locations. If the water does not immediately flow down to the gutters and seep into the roof’s scaffolding, apply sealants right away or readjust shingles.

4. Subsequently, brush off your roofing tile and apply zinc strips along the ridges to protect it from algae overgrowth. Scrubbing should take out sediments and make your roof look more radiant. Don’t apply bleach to clean off your roof as this is corrosive. Plain water will do. If you have problems with the color dullness given the roof’s age, then you might want to consider getting a new set altogether. Painting is not advised, since it may ruin the materials you are using.

5. Finally, it should not take a roofer to tell you to clean up gutters of debris that have been accumulated to minimize chances of clogging and water build up on the roof. If this was prolonged, it could force leakages and weaken the support of your house.

Now always make sure that you observe safety during this activity. You can’t afford to get hospitalized when you are trying to save money. See to it that you wear a rubber soled shoe to prevent slips. Put on a hard hat and harness at all times to keep yourself from falling and hurting yourself. Always assess the stability of where you intend to step first before you walk forward. And be mindful of your surroundings.


Source by Cedric P Loiselle